In this webinar, Cori L. Ofstead will provide front-line clinicians and personnel with critically important information about risks associated with the use of bronchoscopes among patients with COVID-19.

Lab tests have found bacteria, fungi, and SARS-CoV-2 in samples obtained during bronchoscopy, and patients with COVID-19 have suffered from secondary infections – increasing severity and outcomes for patients.

In addition, recent evidence from Wuhan and the U.S. documents serious reprocessing breaches and bronchoscope contamination rates exceeding 50 percent during routine care (prior to the pandemic). Reprocessing personnel are at high risk of exposure to contaminated bronchoscopes, particularly when there are PPE shortages and a lack of adequate time for routine tasks.

Ofstead is the president and CEO of Ofstead & Associates, Inc., where she leads a multidisciplinary team that specializes in designing and conducting real-world studies to validate healthcare guidelines, treatments, and product claims. Since 1996, Ofstead – an epidemiologist with 25 years of research experience – has worked with healthcare providers, payers, employers, health & wellness program vendors, and medical products manufacturers to improve the quality of medical care.