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Prevention Challenges

Preventing Infection, Prevention Challenges,

Why Anesthesiologists Should be Concerned About Infections

By nature of their clinical role, anesthesiologists have to have knowledge of nearly every area of medicine. Anesthesiologists have to understand a patient's medical condition before a procedure so they can administer the appropriate anesthesia and dosage. One major area of concern is infections—whether they occur before, during, or after a procedure. This article looks at what anesthesiologists need to know about infections.
Preventing Infection, Prevention Challenges,

Expert Perspective: Larry Muscarella, PhD, LFM Healthcare Solutions LLC

In a safety communication issued in September 2015, the FDA identified failure to meticulously follow manufacturer reprocessing instructions as a recurring theme. However, discrepancies between instructions from the respective manufacturers of the device and disinfection equipment can complicate reprocessing procedures. How can institutions overcome such discrepancies and reduce cross-contamination risk?
Preventing Infection, Prevention Challenges,

Expert Perspective: Dr. Atul Mehta

Anecdotal evidence suggests that while most intensivists agree that cross-contamination linked to bronchoscopes exists, many also think it isn’t an issue in their institutions. We recently discussed this dichotomy with Dr. Atul Mehta and asked about steps institutions can take to educate clinicians about proper prevention measures.